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Stories and Testimonials from the Adventurers of Algonquin Park
Danny Yatco
Danny Yatco - Algonquin Trout Fish Canoe TripAlgonquin Trout Fish Canoe Trip
April 30-May 2, 2010

The Algonquin Trout fish canoe trip had been a memorable experience for me. I had been telling my friends and workmates about it and been getting emails about the pictures posted on the web. I enjoyed spending the weekend with John, Dave and Frank on North Tea lake, rain could not have dampened any of our spirit because I felt I was with people who really enjoyed the outdoors not because their friends like it but because they like it with or without their friends. The cabin staff's (Amy, Matt, Dusan) stories made my time with them feel short and I cannot leave out Tracy who pulled together the bookings and requests like a jigsaw puzzle. As little as I get to see the outdoors those personalities adds flavour to that experience. I would like to extend my thanks to all of you.

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Martha Taylor
Algonquin Park Christmas Holiday Vacation
December 24-27, 2011

We happened upon the Log Cabin Christmas package while trying to plan an exciting Christmas experience for our Japanese exchange student while he was in Canada. We hit the jackpot with Voyageur Quest, with fabulous ambiance, plenty of snow, every winter activity in the book, and very comfortable accommodations. Joe's food was great - excellent home cooked meals, and lively dinner table conversations with the other guests in the evenings. Highly recommended

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Sue Sabatowski & Family
Algonquin Park Christmas Holiday Vacation
December 24-27, 2011

This was our first trip to Canada and we wanted to do something special as we were re-uniting with our 'children' after almost 12 months apart. Voyageur Quests' Algonquin Christmas package certainly did not disappoint. From the moment we arrived, the pace was unhurried and we were able to take part in as many, or as few, snow activities as we wished. Christmas day was relaxed and unforgettable; Joe's scrumptious brunch was excellent, as were the many culinary delights he served us...and he's more than willing to share his recipes too! Mark, our host and guide was extremely knowledgeable and versatile and our enjoyment was his priority. The location, the facilities and the activities all exceeded our expectations and made this an unforgettable Christmas. Don't worry about it being cold in the depths of winter, the huge central fire makes it incredibly warm. Just don't forget your torch! We'd also highly recommend the dog-sledding if you want another amazing Canadian experience

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Globe and Mail, Toronto
Globe and Mail, Toronto - Algonquin Park Rustic Lodge GetawayAlgonquin Park Rustic Lodge Getaway
May 1999

If you want comfort and adventure in the wilderness, Algonquin Log Cabin Lodge offers both in spades...

Katherine Jacob

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Pete & Sue Dobson, United Kingdom
Pete & Sue Dobson, United Kingdom - Algonquin Park Christmas Holiday VacationAlgonquin Park Christmas Holiday Vacation
December 24-27, 2005

I just wanted to write and say how much Pete and I enjoyed our Log Cabin Christmas! We had the most wonderful time with Pete as our guide and with Joe providing such fabulous meals! The company was great and of course the weather was absolutely fabulous - lots and lots of snow!

The activities were most enjoyable. We'll have to go some to top this Christmas - hopefully be back again one year, thank you very, very much!

Sue & Pete Dobson

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Andy, Michelle & Kirsty Neaves - United Kingdom
Andy, Michelle & Kirsty Neaves - United Kingdom - Algonquin Park 3-Day Log Cabin AdventureAlgonquin Park 3-Day Log Cabin Adventure
May 30 - June 1, 2005

We recently joined you in the Algonquin Log Cabin for the Pathways tour and
now that we have returned to England I just wanted to drop you a quick note
to say how much we enjoyed our stay at the Log Cabin. In particular we
enjoyed the sunset and sunrise paddles. The sunrise paddle is one we really
will never forget. The images of the misty lake with Moose browsing on water
lilies as the sun rose was unforgettable.

Most of all I would like to say what outstanding guides you have working for
you. Mike was very friendly and good company, Dan was superb and very knowledgeable and also good company. Most of our time though was spent with Kendra and she was a fantastic guide with a huge amount of knowledge.
All three are excellent representatives of your company and I think you are very lucky to have such wonderful members of staff. I hope that you
can pass our thanks on to them for us.

We very much hope to return one day to do one of your winter tours.

Many thanks,
Andy, Michelle and Kirsty Neaves

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Michael Moos, Kingston, Ontario
Michael Moos, Kingston, Ontario - Algonquin Park 3-Day Winter Lodge AdventureAlgonquin Park 3-Day Winter Lodge Adventure
December 27-29, 2005

Dear Tracy,

our trip "Footsteps of the Pioneer" was great. We enjoyed the 4 days at the log cabin and all the outdoor experience with snowshoeing, skiing and dogsledding. It was like a dream coming true.

A special thank also to Trevor who pushed us with his never ending energy and had always an open ear for special whishes. Also many thanks to Joe who prepared always a delicious meal.
Thank you very much for organizing this trip for and your help to make everything working.
We whish you a happy new year

Michael, Jana, Kerstin and Thilo

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Dan and Keri - Toronto, Ontario
Dan and Keri - Toronto, Ontario - Winter Adventure for TwoWinter Adventure for Two
February 24-27, 2005

The trip was awesome! We had a great time. The cottage was very nice and
the staff were helpful and friendly. We loved the added touched of the
"romantic weekend for two".

Dan Powell

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Allen Milcic & Emily Burtnik -Mississauga, Ontario
Allen Milcic & Emily Burtnik -Mississauga, Ontario - Algonquin Park 3-Day Winter Lodge AdventureAlgonquin Park 3-Day Winter Lodge Adventure
January 27-20, 2005

Dear Voyageur Quest:

I would like to take this oportunity to thank your company for the fantastic
weekend myself and Emily spent at your log cabin and in the wall tent. I can
say without one iota of doubt that it was the single best weekend of our
lives, in every possible way. The location of the cabin is fantastic, the
cabin itself is beautiful and comfortable, the nature is beyond words, the
food was better than I could have possibly imagined, and the best part of
all - the Voyageur Quest guides! Chris and Andrew were polite, efficient,
competent, friendly, funny, master-chefs...the list goes on. They are a
credit and a major asset to your fine company. You will definitely be seeing
us again!

I attach a photo with our happy faces during the weekend.

Best regards,
Allen Milcic and Emily Burtnik
Mississauga, Ontario

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Mary Voulgaris - Toronto, Ontario
Mary Voulgaris - Toronto, Ontario - Algonquin Winter Cottage GetawayAlgonquin Winter Cottage Getaway
February 28 to March 3, 2005

I can't tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed our time in Algonquin last week. The fresh snowfall made the already picturesque setting a true winter wonderland. The facilities were great, Mike was great, and the weather was perfect!

Thank you both so much for the opportunity to experience what you have been telling us about for years. I am so grateful I made it out there.
We also had a chance to stop by the Log is incredible! I bet it's even better in the summer. You have a great thing going.

I've enlcosed a few photos of our trip. Thank you again for everything!

My best regards,

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Griswold Family - Clarence, New York
Griswold Family - Clarence, New York - Algonquin Family Winter Adventure VacationAlgonquin Family Winter Adventure Vacation
February 13-16, 2004

Our trip was AWESOME! We'd like to congratulate you for operating a first-class tour company! Naturally, we are very exhausted and exhilarated after our trip. Our family thanks you for the wonderful experience.

Kris and Trevor were a perfect match for us. They were very professional yet fit in so well with our family dynamics. Trevor related wonderfully to our children and we loved his silly games. Star gazing with him was truly amazing! Kris was very nurturing and organized, and she cooked awesome meals!

The park trails are gorgeous and our explorations were challenging enough that we felt accomplished at the end of each day! The cottages were lovely and comfortable. We were grateful for a cozy and clean "home" to snuggle in.

Haliburton was a great finale for us animal lovers and definitely worth the ride. Dogsledding was a huge hit, as were the captive wolves and the education we received...we had the museum to ourselves!

Regards to Kris and Trevor- hope they enjoyed our stay as much as we did! Did they mention the "Griswold Trail"? We could make a movie...

Warm regards and many thanks,
Amelia & John, Amanda, Jake, Alex, John and Emma Griswold

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Shawn Tay - Environmental Association
Shawn Tay - Environmental Association - Algonquin Log Cabin Winter Rental   Algonquin Log Cabin Winter Rental
January 20-22, 2003

Please send my thanks and commendations to the Scott and Dusan for a phenomenal weekend and to John for his coordinating behind the scenes on Friday. Dusan and Scott did a fantastic job. Our group had a great time, and I've been getting inquiries about setting up a summer trip? we?ll be back at the Cabin. Cheers! Shawn Tay

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Agnes Goeman - Belgium
Agnes Goeman - Belgium - Algonquin Park Rustic Lodge GetawayAlgonquin Park Rustic Lodge Getaway
May 27-29, 2005

Thank you very much for these wonderful days! We loved our stay at the log cabin with our friends and that with the kindness and the knowledge of Kris, Dan and Frank made these days a unique experience in Canada.

Agnes Goeman

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Laura Cordwell & Steve Mercer - United Kingdom
Laura Cordwell & Steve Mercer - United Kingdom - Algonquin Park 3-Day Log Cabin AdventureAlgonquin Park 3-Day Log Cabin Adventure
May 24-27, 2005

The cabin, hospitality, guide, food, etc far surpassed our expectations. Our guide was lovely - so enthusiastic, knowledgeable about the area and really chilled out - which was reflected in our mood - Thank you!

Laura Cordwell & Steve Mercer

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Devona Anidi & Ian Ferguson - United Kingdom
Devona Anidi & Ian Ferguson - United Kingdom - Algonquin Canoe Trip 3 Day Guided TripAlgonquin Canoe Trip 3 Day Guided Trip
September 13-15, 2004

We both really enjoyed the experience! Both the guides were more than accommodating, helpful and very, very friendly. We would most definitely recommend Voyageur Quest to anyone considering visiting Canada/Ontario region.

Excellent Food!!!


Devona Anidi & Ian Ferguson

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Steve Doig - New Zealand
Steve Doig - New Zealand - Algonquin Canoe Trip 3 Day Guided TripAlgonquin Canoe Trip 3 Day Guided Trip
June 11-13, 2004

Had a great time for the fourth time! Every trip gets better and better. Thanks to Kris for taking me out on a solo paddle where we saw 3 moose. All the staff were friendly and helpful. Thanks guys as always I had fun. Voyageur Quest, you are the best!

Steve Doig

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Evie Deeley
Evie Deeley - Algonquin Canoe Trip 3 Day Guided TripAlgonquin Canoe Trip 3 Day Guided Trip
July 26-28, 2004

Knowledge from Graeme surpassed all I thought I was going to see and discover. To hear silence was unbelievable and beautiful. To go back to nature and survive and live like a 5 star hotel - a pure joy! Will be back to do more!

Evie Deeley

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Martin Davies & Family - United Kingdom
Martin Davies & Family - United Kingdom - 3-Day Family Canoe Trip - Algonquin Park3-Day Family Canoe Trip - Algonquin Park
August 27-29, 2005

Excellent Trip! Exceeded all expectations. We've never done anything like this before but I'm sure will do it again sometime. Good test of character for us all.

Very many thanks Mike for all your efforts, especially your cordon bleu cooking!

Martin Davies

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Penny Woolford - Ajax, Ontario
Penny Woolford - Ajax, Ontario - 3-Day Family Canoe Trip - Algonquin Park3-Day Family Canoe Trip - Algonquin Park
August 9 - 11, 2004

We really enjoyed our first family canoe trip. We had a great group of people and the children made new friends! Both guides were fantastic and the children learned a lot about the environment. We definitely will think about doing this again.

Penny Woolford

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The Jeeves Family - United Kingdom
The Jeeves Family - United Kingdom - 3-Day Family Canoe Trip - Algonquin Park3-Day Family Canoe Trip - Algonquin Park
August 23-25, 2004

Our three week family holiday in Ontario this summer was excellent.
The highlight was our time spent in Algonquin. Our kids enjoyed every
minute and when friends and family ask 'what did you do in Canada?' our trip with you is the starting point.

Particular thanks to our excellent guide Kris- whose spaghetti is still
rated by our 7 yr old as his favourite holiday meal!

Wayne & Marie Jeeves

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Davies Family - United Kingdom
Davies Family  -  United Kingdom - 5-Day Family Adventure- Algonquin Park5-Day Family Adventure- Algonquin Park
August 9 - 13, 2004

A really memorable trip and a fantastic introduction to the Canadian Wildneress. The whole atmosphere of the trip was just right.

Sally Davies

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James Gass - Audubon Society of Rhode Island
James Gass - Audubon Society of Rhode Island - Algonquin Group Log Cabin Rental Algonquin Group Log Cabin Rental
August 22-25, 2004

I want to take this opportunity to compliment you on your fantastic staff.
They were all warm, friendly, professional, extremely knowledgeable and most importantly, fun, people!

Besides the wonderful accomodations, beautiful location, and excellent food, it was your staff that made this trip a memorable one. I had to tear people away from the place when it was time to leave.

The trip was perfect in every respect, exceeding all my expectations. We'll
be back.

James Gass
Audubon Society of Rhode Island

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Sherrey Martin - Montreal, Quebec
Sherrey Martin - Montreal, Quebec - Killarney Guided 5 Day Sea KayakKillarney Guided 5 Day Sea Kayak
July 19-23, 2004

One of the most enjoyable experiences of my life! Beautiful place! I feel like I learned a few new things about being in the elements and now have a new comfort to kayaking.

Thank you for your wonderful help. We loved the stories and folklore.

I will have great memories!

Sherrey Martin

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Joanne Gorman - Toronto, Ontario
Joanne Gorman - Toronto, Ontario - Killarney Guided 5 Day Sea KayakKillarney Guided 5 Day Sea Kayak
August 8-12, 2004

This was one of the best trips that I've ever been on! Absolutely! Every day had a different focus, each day full of fun, working on different and new kayaking techniques, and the food was really amazing! What surprising delights and treats too!

Thanks for a really wonderful and memorable trip.

Joanne Gorman

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Daniela Sabadas
Daniela Sabadas - Algonquin Chalet Suite RentalAlgonquin Chalet Suite Rental
September 4-6, 2004

We travel in a lot of places and have stayed in a lot of hotels and cabins, but we think that your place is very good and comfortable with all it?s amenities possible to provide. We loved it and will recommend to all of our friends. I hope to see you again.

Thanks you!

Daniela Sabadas

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Donna Hilsenteger - Montessori School
Algonquin Log Cabin Winter Rental

Very well organized. Exceptional food, fun staff. Incredible experience for all of us. The cabin was so cozy. I really enjoyed the fact that our students participated in the log cabin meals. It was a wonderful experience was had by all were required to help with responsibility of meal clean up and equipment ? wonderful experience had by all!

Donna Hilsenteger

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Mary Dyson
Algonquin Log Cabin Winter Rental

The experience was simply wonderful. Such a fabulous respite from the noise and stress of urban life. The accommodation was terrific, more luxurious than expected. I?ve had lots of holiday experiences over the last 30 years and this was one of the best. We were catered to, fussed over, entertained and offered a wide variety of outdoor experiences. Kris is the veritable den mother who was just totally amazing. Trevor, funny enthusiastic always smiling and up for any adventure and sweet Abby who told wonderful tales, serenaded us and was a wealth of knowledge about the forest. Thanks so much!

Mary Dyson

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The Ross Family - Ohio, United States
The Ross Family - Ohio, United States - Algonquin Canoe Trip 3 Day Guided TripAlgonquin Canoe Trip 3 Day Guided Trip
June 27-29, 2005


We are back from our Canadian vacation, and are now looking back especially on what a great experience the Algonquin portion of the trip was for us. It could not have been better.....the canoeing, swimming, island venturing, portaging, great weather, moose watching, outstanding meals, logistics, solitude, your advanced planning on our behalf, everything was excellent. We would like to thank each of you.

Mike was the best we could have imagined.....leadership, adventuring, cooking (gosh, what great food and so well prepared), storyteller, moosefinder (we saw our fair share, including up close and personal with one memorable moose one morning).

If we venture back up to Canada for a wilderness adventure (maybe a winter one next time), we'll be sure to give you a call.

Again, our sincere thanks,
Jeff, Bev, Mike, Katie, and Matthew Ross

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Dave Irwin - City of East York
Team Building Corporate Retreat at Algonquin Park

The log cabin was a perfect setting for this session. We loved the Eco challenge and the food was really outstanding. Highly recommend!

Dave Irwin

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Belinda and John Hester - Raleigh, North Carolina
Belinda and John Hester - Raleigh, North Carolina - Algonquin Eco AdventureAlgonquin Eco Adventure
October 8-11, 2004

Just thought I'd drop you a note and tell your staff what a wonderful time we had on our Eco tour at Algonquin Park. Kendra and Mike were both excellent guides - friendly, knowledgable, and very professional. Our stay in the cabin was delightful!

Thanks again for a wonderful, Fall Canadian visit.

Belinda & John Hester

P. S. "Chippy", the chipmonk, was very photographic and really quite friendly

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