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Advanced Wilderness First Aid 2023

Advanced Wilderness First Aid (40 hour)

Course fee $585 pp
4.5 Days 40 hours Certified First Aid Instructor
Accommodation & meals $383 pp
4.5 Days Cabin accommodation Tasty meals Canoes & Kayaks Floating Sauna Outdoor Showers

Get your 40 hr Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification

This course has become a minimum standard for outdoor educators,  guides, and instructors who work in a wilderness setting. . The Advanced course for Leaders is a 4.5 day course content that extends far beyond urban-based first aid programs to include elements inherent in leading groups in the outdoors and guiding wilderness adventures. Special emphasis is placed on accident scene management, leader responsibility, and liability, prevention of injuries, advanced first aid kits, wound management, and managing trauma victims. CPR is also included.

Comprehensive Instruction

Special empahsis is placed on accident scene managment, leader responsbilibility, liability prevention of injuries, advanced frist aid kits, woudn manamgent, and manamging rauma vicitms. Cpr is also included.

Enjoy the Canoe Outpost with cabin accommodation

Our Canoe Outpost offers cabin accommodations, outdoor showers, outhouse facilities, picnic tables, and a fire pit - all lakeside. After training hours, grab one of our canoes, sups or kayaks and go for a paddle to explore the lake or enjoy the showstopper - our floating sauna!

Let us prepare all your meals for you

Our Broken Paddle Patio offers our customers tasty meals as they arrive the night before a canoe trip into the park. No need to worry about shopping, cook sets, menu planning or storage. Let us serve you up some customer favourites while you concentrate on the wilderness first aid training.

Meet like-minded wilderness enthusiasts

Get your wilderness first aid 40 hour certification while meeting other like-minded wilderness entuhsisasts and broaden your netwrok of indusrty contacts and newly formed friends to adventure with.

What's included

All training materials, tasty meals, comfortable accommodation, and 40 hours of wilderness advanced first aid instructions

Dates and Rates


May 8-12, 2023 



Advanced Wilderness First Aid Course
$585 +HST
  • 4.5 days
  • 40 hours of wilderness advanced first
  • Services of a Certified Wildernses First and Instructor
  • Based out of the Voyageur Quest Outfitter
  • Access Pt #1 Algonquin Park
Course, Meals and Accommodation
$923 +HST per peron
Accommodation and Meals
Peak and Regular Seaon
  • All Inclusive program
  • Accommodation and Meals
  • 4 Nights Canoe Outpost Cabin Accommodation
  • Outdoor Showers and Outhouse Facilities
  • Broken Paddle Patio All Meals
  • Access to canoes, sups
  • Floating sauna


Don't have a car? You can book the Ontario Northland bus to South River.Give us a call in the office at 416-486-3605 and depending on your departure point and arrival time we can help with a shuttle and potentially a night before arrival.

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