Fishing Algonquin Park

Fishing in Algonquin Park

 Algonquin Park is known around the world as one of the best places to go on a wilderness canoe trip. Algonquin also happens to be home to one the best trout fisheries in Canada. In fact, Algonquin Park has the highest concentration of brook trout lakes and streams in the world.

Many lakes in Canada have had their fish stocks reduced by overfishing and invasive species. Yet in Algonquin Park ‘s backcountry, the native fishery remains more or less undisturbed and is naturally reproducing. A wilderness canoe trip into Algonquin’s backcountry is the best way ( and in most cases the only way) to access the great trout fishing lakes and rivers.

Fishing and Canoe Trips

Combining a canoe trip and fishing for trout is what makes fishing in Algonquin Park so special. Most of Algonquin Park is really only accessible by canoe. There is some effort involved as most of these lakes require 2 days of paddling and portaging. The deeper you go into the backcountry the better the fishing. If you are unable to go on a backcountry canoe trip, consider one of our cabin based trips which offer good bass fishing.

Spring Fishing

Both Brook Trout and Lake Trout require cold water to live. In summer, these fish are deep down in lakes and streams where the cold water is. They are not easy to catch or find then. After the ice goes out each spring, trout like the cold water near the surface, and they feed there from late April into June. Later in May, when the black flies, mosquitoes and other bugs start to hatch, the brook trout fishing takes off.

Trout Fishing Canoe Trip

Learn how to fish for trout and how to travel in Algonquin ‘s backcountry. These 3 days all inclusive guided canoe trips are private and perfect for those intending and interested in doing their own trout fishing canoe trips.

Cottage Rental Bass Fishing

If you are not able to go on a backcountry canoe trip into Algonquin Park, our Algonquin Cottage rentals are a great option. Both our cottages have beautiful waterfronts on Kawawaymog Lake which has excellent bass fishing. Bass fishing opens on the last Friday of June.

A PROTECTED FISHERY - No live bait or winter ice fishing

Algonquin Park fishing is protected by the Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry  regulations. There is no ice fishing permitted in Algonquin Park as trout season is closed in the fall and doesn’t reopen it until April. The use of live bait fish is also prohibited in the park. In addition,  there is no live bait in Algonquin Park and most lakes do not allow motors.



Most fishermen and women are reluctant to tell you where their favourite fishing hole is.  Those with experience worry about the future of catching trout and therefore don’t share much when it comes to specific information.  The best advice we can offer is to go with a guide who can help you with trips and instruction and do your fishing homework.


Ontario fishing licenses are available online for both Canadian Residents and Non-Residents and must be purchased before your arrival. 

  • All anglers should know the catch limits, rules and regulations, and can learn from local fishing research. The Friends of Algonquin Park website has a very comprehensive fishing information page with links to Ontario fishing regulations, backcountry trout fishing survey results (pro tip: read this!), fish stocking lists and useful publications. 
  • Connect with other Algonquin Park addicts online. One of the busiest forums, with many threads on fishing, can be found at Algonquin Adventures

The Friends of Algonquin Park group publishes two inexpensive and useful booklets on fish and fishing, plus a lake depth map book:

Read the Algonquin Park fish survey results, stocking lists and find links to fishing regulations:

Fishing in Algonquin Park web page

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