matt-winter-exp-3 Well it is sad to see it go, but it looks like another winter at Voyageur Quest has come and gone. The magic of the Near North in the winter never ceases to amaze me. Whether it is the wonder that clients get, the pure white sprinkle of snow on the trees, or the invigorating feel you get breathing out ice onto your beard with each breath, every moment contains something special. The only positive that I see is the promise of spring and with it the beauty of canoe tripping. Moose in marshy lakes, cruising down a shimmering flat lake at sunrise, waking up in my tent not even really needing my sleeping bag, and that beautiful smell of campfire smoke in the air. What is there not to love? Well it could be the long days that we put in, or it could be the bugs, or perhaps it could even be the rain that doesn’t stop for 4 days straight. BUT WAIT! I do this job because I love it good and bad, the positive aspects like seeing a client’s face light up because they just managed to canoe into camp despite the fact that they had never canoed before in their life make this job something more. It isn’t a job, it is a calling. When you have a blue bird day in the city and you are stuck inside are you like me and the other guides I know? Do you get those itchy feet and start crawling the walls a little… just scratching to get outside and play? Let me tell you, Voyageur Quest at Access Point 1 in Algonquin Park is the remedy to this itch. Another season is prepped to begin, and I can’t wait! Hope to see you out there. Matt Rothwell Canoe Tripper, Trainer, and Outdoor Enthusiast at Voyageur Quest