Algonquin Park CampingDoes desire or need for a wilderness adventure with camping fade as one gets older?

As director of an Algonquin Park Canoe Trip and cabin operation, I speak to a lot of people about camping. Many tell me their camping days are behind them. They tell me how much they need an exciting outdoor adventure and that “I don’t camp anymore. I need a good bed at the end of the day”. For many, camping conjures up images of bad food and leaky tents.

I understand the need for comfort. People are working harder and harder these days with so much time inside in front of computers, on smart phones or stuck in traffic. As a society, when we want a break, we are craving rest and relaxation. Back in 1997, Voyageur Quest built our Algonquin Log cabin as an answer for those that love the outdoors but prefer a cabin with comfortable bed. Today Voyageur Quest operates 3 unique adventure cabin based properties – each catering to a different level of comfort.

Yet, the heart of Voyageur Quest remains our Algonquin Park canoe trips which journey into Algonquin’s backcountry for pristine camping . Stripped down, without roof or walls, our senses come alive. Our hearing is heightened. We hear the birds, the wind moving the tree’s, the waves lapping against the rocks.

Camping on canoe trips in places like Algonquin Park’s backcountry allows us to disconnect fully. Most hotels and lodges catering to those that demand wifi. Camping offers a respite – a chance to truly get away from the phones, tablets and electric signals.

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I love the rhythm of a wilderness canoe trip deep into Algonquin Park’s interior. Get up with the sun, eat when you are hungry. My awareness grows. The ground feels soft underfoot. The cold water tastes so wonderful. Camping, it seems to help me understand I need less not more. The wilderness is stunning and we , man are part of it. Camping in pristine environment’s like Algonquin Park allows us to immerse ourselves in the natural world . Life becomes simpler- the important things become clearer.

Don’t get me wrong. I do love our solar powered Island Retreat, floating sauna and watching Hockey night in Canada on a big screen. But when I do need to recharge , slow down, find the balance, I head out by canoe to go camping , deep into Algonquin Park’s spectacular backcountry.