photo I spent the past summer working for Mr. John Langford at Voyageur Quest up in the north-west corner of Algonquin Park and let me tell you it was a blast. As one of the outpost managers I woke up ever day not quite knowing what was in store for me, and constantly meeting new and exciting challenges. Whether I was dealing with canoe rentals and inventory, shuttling people too and from town or visiting the local brown bears at the dump, every day provided me with a new opportunity and generally something unsuspecting, which was ultimately what I came to love about my job. Being able to preform so many numerous activities and being endowed with so much responsibility was what I liked most about my job, well…. other than the gorgeous Algonquin atmosphere and the amazing co-workers I met this summer. Being a VQ staff member meant one and only one very important thing to me, being part of a team. Up at Voyageur Quest everyone worked together and helped each other. We could not have accomplished everything we did this summer without the close interconnected dependency we placed on each other. Having an amazing VQ staff team means being able to rely, not only on yourself, but also others in order to get the job done. Because of the particular business we are in there were many situations, where having a close team and being in constant communication with each other allowed us to accomplish otherwise impossible logistical tasks. Some of my favourite memories…. well actually many of my favourite memories at Voyageur Quest are best explained as a cumulative whole. I have worked many jobs in the city, and in all honesty nothing compares to the experience I had up north this last summer. Whether it was driving down the old logging road and running into a couple of wild moose, waking up and barbecuing in fog so thick you can hardly see the end of the dock, or going for a swim in Kawawaymog Lake after a really hot day of moving canoes around in the yard, nothing really quite compares to simply just being there. For me personally it was more of an experience of being there and living in the atmosphere, more so than any one single memory. In all honesty one testimonial cannot give justice to the beautiful summer job I had. I worked with amazing people, I was shown numerous things and learned a great deal and I could not think of any better way to spend my summer.