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Algonquin Wilderness Learning Centre

Experiential Learning for groups of all sorts and sizes

Private and Family

Make time to play and learn together! Private Family Adventures form those lasting memories forever referenced in family history books - dad dropped his binoculars in the lake when checking out a moose, kids non-stop laughed in their tent finally taking the time to exchange stories, and the family pup was soooo cute in his specially fitted lifejacket.


A wilderness campus offering experiential and play-based programming including a range of curriculum-matched outdoor educational offerings, leadership orientations, year-round activity programs, and Duke of Edinburgh adventures for all seasons.

Corporate Groups

Eco-board rooms and green think-tanks inspire creativity. Host a Corporate Team meeting - reshape targets, identify new possibilities, inspire bold actions and replace a tired hospitality suite with a lakeside wine and cheese and evening wolf howl.


Spending time in nature can reduce stress, boost energy levels, improve productivity, creativity and improve overall wellbeing and happiness. Research continues to support the importance of connections with nature and people, between content and healthy green space-based learning. Whether your objectives are corporate, educational, or interpersonal the Algonquin Wilderness Learning Centre can offer a unique meeting and learning environment with an idea dose of Algonquin adventure.


The Algonquin Wilderness Learning Centre boasts a range of exceptional programing that is always customizable. Track your groups' energy, emotion and focus disconnected from technology. Experience a sweat lodge led by a First Nation Elder and integrate rite of passage themes. Host a corporate team meeting around pivoting strategies and replace a tired hospitality suite with a lakeside wine and cheese and evening wolf howl. Program options include: Adapt & Problem Solving, Team Building & Culture, Off-the-Grid Connectivity, Nature Deficit & Surplus, Leadership, Learning Styles, Communication and Community, Climate Change, Forestry, Sustainable Living, Traditional Travel and Survival....


Our off-the-grid learning facilities at Algonquin’s northwest corner provide a unique eco-board room, green think-tank, outdoor classroom or recreation room that encourages participation, skill and leadership development, collaboration and application. Our accommodations blur the line between sense of place, space and adventure. Our Algonquin Log Cabin oozes rustic charm. Our Algonquin Island Retreat echoes the light and inspiration of Tom Thomson's art. Our floating sauna and special event floathouse connect you to the splash of the water, the call of the loon and the dancing night sky. Our Cabins breathe adventure and offer a range of options for you to experience.

Wilderness Educators

Our wilderness educators and guides are trained professionals eager to share their passion for the outdoors and experiential learning with you. They deliver exceptional programming, prioritizing safety, hospitality and connectivity with a sense of place, adventure and people.

Algonquin Outdoor Leadership and School Orientations

Algonquin Corporate Winter

Winter Team Building Corporate Retreat at Algonquin Park


Algonquin Park Fresh Air Challenge



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