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Algonquin Spring Adventures

Algonquin Spring Adventures

Algonquin Park Spring Adventures

Spring in Algonquin Park is a time of wonder. A wonderful time to photograph wildlife, get your first paddle of the season, catch a trout and so much more.

Wildlife Viewing

Moose , Loons, Beavers and the seasonal bird migration all make Spring a wonderful time for wildlife viewing.

Trout Fishing

The ice out is an eagerly anticipated time for fishermen and women who can't wait to fish for trout.

May is Beautiful and quiet

Early May is a wonderful time to be in Algonquin. Warm days, cool nights and that blue water is so inspiring.

Romantic Spring Culinary Getaway

Perfect April, May, or June escape for 2! Enjoy a laid-back weekend in your own private chalet suite. Feast on a special spring menu prepared just for you.

Algonquin Private Eco- Adventure

The Algonquin Private Eco Adventure is an all inclusive private cabin adventure filled with unique guided canoe, hiking and wildlife interpretation. Perfect for 2-5 people.

Algonquin Park Moose Safari

Paddle the northwest corner of Algonquin Park to get close and photograph moose. Wake up with the sun, canoe through the mist and enjoy magical mornings photographing the famed wildlife of Algonquin Park. Learn all about wildlife photography and enjoy 3 glorious spring days inside the most famous provincial park in Ontario.

Hondoo Island Luxury Chalet

Relax on your own private island cottage in the middle of Kawawaymog Lake at Algonquin Park Access Point #1 on Algonquin's western boundary. Beautiful 4 bedroom luxury cottage ideal for a family or group of 4- 10.

DIY Private Cottage Rentals

Take off to Algonquin Park's north west corner for a weekend of scenic canoeing combined with a comfortable lakeside chalet suite or cabin. Enjoy three nights accommodation with solar power, wood fireplace, deck and BBQ. The Algonquin Cottage Outpost is a great base to explore nearby islands by canoe or paddle down and fish the Amable du Fond river. Hike the lookout trail or just relax with a good book on the dock or in front of the fireplace.

Algonquin Log Cabin Spring Special

Join us at the Algonquin Log Cabin for our spring special and let us take care of all the meals while you spend your day hiking, paddling, fishing and looking for wildlife. Perfect for groups of 6-12!

Algonquin Park Private Canoe Trip

Get out on a spring Algonquin Park canoe trip. Ideal for any level of paddler. Learn and/or refresh paddle and portage skills along the way. The campsites are beautiful and you can swim in the clean, fresh water. Enjoy back-country gourmet meals cooked over a fire.

Algonquin Trout Fishing Canoe Trip

A trout fishing canoe trip in Algonquin Park is a right of passage. Canoeing into Algonquin Park to fish for the first trout of the season is the oldest and most traditional of all Algonquin Park adventures. With ice still on the shore, paddle into remote lakes and reel in one of Algonquin's famous lake trout. Learn the tricks of the trade from Fishing guides.

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Romantic Spring Culinary Getaway


Algonquin Log Cabin Spring Special


3-Day Back Country Gourmet Safari

Algonquin Spring Troute

3-Day Algonquin Trout Fishing Canoe Trip


Algonquin Manitou and Lost Dog Cottage Rental


Algonquin Private Eco Adventure

Algonquin Nipissing Cottage dock with view over the lake on a sunny day

Algonquin Nippissing Cottage Rental

Algonquin Couples Retreat

Algonquin Island Retreat

Algonquin Log Cabin

Private Algonquin Log Cabin Adventure

Algonquin Canoe and Hike

Algonquin Log Cabin Canoe and Hiking Adventure

Algonquin Moose Safari

Algonquin Moose Safari Canoe Trip

Voyageur Quest Algonquin Park canoe trips

3-Day Classic Algonquin Park Guided Canoe Trip

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A Wilderness Quest

The sun is barely up, the air cool and clean. The silence is complete except for the rythmic slap, slap of the paddles in the water, smooth as glass, reflecting the crimson and gold of autumn’s glory as it reveals itself on another new day in Algonquin Park. … Read More

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Paddle into past

Paddle into past Janet Podolak News-Herald Cincinnati, Ohio, USA – July 10, 2005 A male swan on patrol puffs up his chest feathers and eyes us warily as we paddle near the edge of the Canadian lagoon he?s apparently guarding.

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Talking to the timber wolves of Algonquin Park

Two timber wolves, trotting in tandem, cross the lumber trail ahead of us and melt silently into the bush. From our canoe we note the submerged snout of a swimming beaver as it pushes an arrowhead of ripples toward a sticks-and-mud lodge in the centre of the wilderness lake. … Read More

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After a disastrous vacation south, a Toronto couple try their luck in another direction.

Last winter, we took our dream vacation south. Daily, we had skated our of our back lane and drove to work through streets that were a slippery nightmare? … … Read More

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Discover Old Ontario on Voyageur Quest

Discover Old Ontario on Voyageur Quest Harvey Currell Toronto Sun Toronto, Ontario, Canada You haven?t really experience a northern Ontario winter until you?ve eaten bannock on a stick beside a campfire in a silent snowbound forest… –Or crossed an icebound

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Testimonial – 14746

“November’s transition makes for great adventure” Being a seinor guide at Voyageur Quest I find that the question, you know “that question”, at parties where you are meeting people for the first time, is difficult this time of year. “So

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The Great Outdoors Getaways and Day Trips

The Great Outdoors Getaways and Day Trips Toronto Life Toronto Life City Guide 2006 Toronto, Ontario, Canada – March 2006 The Great Outdoors Northeast Algonquin Log Cabin Lodge Before you unpack your bags at the base camp – a rustic

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The Great Outdoors Getaways and Day Trips

The Great Outdoors Getaways and Day Trips Toronto Life Toronto Life City Guide 2006 Toronto, Ontario, Canada – March 2006 The Great Outdoors Northeast Algonquin Log Cabin Lodge Before you unpack your bags at the base camp – a rustic

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Jordan Bell, Winter Guide

I can’t thank you enough for taking a chance and giving me the opportunity to represent VQ this winter. I couldn’t think of a more positive way to spend my first winter outside of University. I truly have appreciated my

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Experience Winter Camping
March 26-27
Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the last few days of winter, by travelling to a winter camp, sleeping in a heated wall tent and learning winter camping techniques!
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Algonquin Photo Moose Safari
June 11-13
Spend a weekend searching for the picture perfect moment of Algonquin's amazing wildlife, with professional photographer Rob Stimpson.
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Algonquin Snowshoe and Chalet
Available March 17-20
Relax in a comfortable chalet suite and snowshoe and cross country ski right from your door!
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From $575 per person

2 nights accommodation, all meals and guided excursions
Spring Featured Trip

May Algonquin Log Cabin Adventure

May 17- 19, 2024 - Escape with friends to the Algonquin Log Cabin for a fun filled all inclusive Log cabin experience. Canoe, hike with tasty meals, and tailored guided excursions. Off the grid, it's the perfect blend of comfort and wilderness.

$499 per person

3 nights accommodation, boat shuttle, island orientation and use of canoe
Featured Trip

Algonquin Island Retreat Spring Special

May 13 - 16, May 16 - 19, 2024. Kick off your Spring with a romantic getaway to the Algonquin Island Retreat. Enjoy three nights on your own private island with a cozy cabin heated by wood stove, great kitchen and wonderful views. Comes with boat shuttle to island and canoe.

$865 per person

2 nights Island accommodation, wine and cheese, gourmet meals, boat shuttle and sauna
New for 2024!

Spring Romantic Culinary Adventure

May 17-19 and June 7-9, 2024. Boat to Hondoo Island for a weekend of gourmet food and fresh air. Sip on unique Ontario wines, feast on four course regional meals and take in the beautiful lake paradise.

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