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A snowy dream awaits at the Algonquin Log Cabin

It’s a week after Halloween and already I have seen my first Santa. Yes, a Santa climbing a Palm Tree off a beach in southwest Florida. Thankfully the Christmas music has not yet hit the airwaves nor the talk of presents and shopping .
If you think I am a Christmas Grinch- you are wrong. I absolutely love Christmas – just not Christmas at the malls. No, call it a more traditional Noel, the type of Christmas that you sing about in the carols … ‘ white Christmas, sleigh bells in the snow, tree tops glistening . Thankfully , this Christmas dream is not just a fantasy. Indeed a true romantic white Christmas awaits at a cozy log cabin at the northwest corner of Algonquin Park.
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Christmas in Algonquin is magical. The forest is quiet and with each snowfall, it becomes even more quiet. The December light comes in low from the south producing long shadows in the middle of the day. The frozen lakes beg for skis or skates. The night sky is filled with the brightest stars you have ever seen.

The Algonquin Log Cabin is the perfect base for a romantic Christmas in the Algonquin frozen forest. Rustic. a log burning in the massive fireplace with a huge red stocking. a two story Christmas tree in the living room. The smell of fresh bread hot out of the oven. It feels like you are coming home.

Far from the masses, the log cabin has just 6 bedrooms ensuring each experience feels like a private adventure in the middle of the wilderness. The guide team lead snowshoe and ski excursions to forest lookouts and across windswept lakes. Return to the cabin for egg nog , roasted chestnuts and hot saunas.
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Festive meals include a Christmas day Champagne brunch and turkey dinner with all the trimmings ( yes – sticky pudding too!).

Come by yourself , or with a friend or family. Celebrate and feast together around the huge harvest table. No way to get there? Voyageur Quest organizes transfers from downtown Toronto leaving Dec 23 in the afternoon and the morning of Dec 24.

It is snowing today. The lakes are starting to freeze up. Soon we will be out skating under torchlight. The Christmas spirit is alive and well out here. Hope you can join us here for Christmas and experience the wonder.