I live in a concrete jungle. Like most people my age I work a set schedule and often struggle to find the time or the means to get out of the city. It’s the middle of winter and although most people are longing for a trip down south I find myself wanting to be fully immersed in this beautiful Canadian winter. I want an isolated off the grid Log Cabin, surrounded by nothing but wilderness trails to explore. Sound too ideal? Think again. Toronto is perfectly located because it doesn’t put us city slickers too far from so many beautiful provincial parks and everyone knows that Algonquin Provincial Park is the dream.

People often find adventure escapes inaccessible because car rentals are too expensive, northern bus companies run too infrequently or they simply don’t want to spend their weekends driving, well it turns out they don’t have to. Voyageur Quest provides an amazing shuttle service! Transport to Algonquin from Algonquin. Friendly people pick you up from your hotel, or nearby subway stop and bring you right up to the park! It was convenient and effortless, and before I knew it I opened my eyes and saw the most amazing cabin covered in cotton candy like snow.

You walk in and immediately are greeted with friendly staff and an incredible home cooked meal. The fire is always crackling and warm beverages were always close by. We spent hours in the beautiful crisp air under a blue sky exploring forests sparkling with falling snow. We were active and we earned our meals, but most importantly we did it together.

The cabin is shared with guests from all over the world, having conversations at a beautiful harvest table and enjoying every second that the northern quiet brought to us. We took advantage of the clear sky that the city never gives us the chance to see, a perfect window to admire the stars. After just a few days, it began to feel like home and I never wanted to leave. When all you need to do is pack your bags and head out, why wouldn’t you?