Snowshoe, Suntan and Spring Skiing

As March comes around, all of us need a break – a chance for sunshine and to shake off the winter doldrums. If you have kids, March Break offers a chance for a family adventure. The lure of hot weather and a beach motivates many to hop on a plane and head somewhere south. Having tried this, I can testify it feels good – for one day. But then, my d.n.a kicks in and I start to look for something active to excite me. This where a beach trip can fall short. The need for adventure.
Algonquin Park Skiing
This is where a March break family adventure at Algonquin Park shines. Nothing beats the physical and mental satisfaction of a great day on snowshoes or skis. March offers big sunny days and with the snow reflection – blinding light. Put on the sunglasses, a little ban de soleil , pack the water bottle and get ready to take off your jacket. Average day time temperatures are above zero and with the sun – can feel between 10 and 20 c! Being active in the sun soothes the body and soul. Not to mention – the total body workout leaves you feeling so satisfied at the end of the day. Add a wood fired sauna, glass of wine and a good meal and you will be asleep by 9pm.
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Try Dogsledding
A winter adventure comes with a host of adventurous options. If you love animals – try out dogsledding. The thrill of mushing your own team is sure to get your heart racing.
Dogsledding is new to everyone with plenty of learning. Getting your brain to focus ton something else is a great way to recharge. You come back feeling you have done something really special.
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Bring your Dog
Speaking of dogs, we love dogs at Voyageur Quest and they are welcome at both our Algonquin Log Cabin and Algonquin Cottage Outpost. Unlike a tropical trip on a plane, bring your pup along to Algonquin for snowshoe and ski treks. Our dog loves winter and especially playing broomball on the lake.
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Ice Fishing and Snowmobiling
March Break adventure options are endless. Try ice fishing. Lake Nipissing is a fishing mecca and a short drive from Voyageur Quest Algonquin locations. Life in the huts is a world away from downtown Toronto! If you are a speed demon- try your hand at snowmobiling. Fred, our resident snowmobile expert , will take you for a guided half day on the Ontario federation snowmobile trials that travel up the western side of Algonquin.

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Part of the charm of March break winter adventure is combining so many activities. By the end of three of four days of adventure and action, you will be feeling recharged. Your body will feel good. Best of all, these adventures keep your family together And did we mention, our Algonquin locations are off – the grid. Nowhere to plug in. Connecting over some hot chocolate – the smiles tell it all. And yes, you too will have a suntan.