The Secret of Winter
Get outside and feel amazing in winter
winter ski staff
Do you love winter? Do you love getting outside on a cool crisp day ? Do you love the après ski drinks and wood burning fireplaces? Does the frozen beauty grab your attention. Do you love the romance of snow ?

Unfortunately , I run into so many people that don’t like winter and avoid at all costs. This article is for you. Forgive me if you are already one of the converted few who love the snow and all that comes with it. Snow is on the ground at Algonquin Park’s northwest corner and we are counting down the days until we can hit the trail. The list below is for those of you who are considering one of our Algonquin Park winter adventures.

A winter day spent at Algonquin Park on back country skis or snowshoes gets the heart pounding . Algonquin’s hilly terrain translates to a full workout with long climbs and fun downhills. Dogsledding is a ton of fun as you work with your team mushing through the winter wonderland. Add to this, Algonquin’s frozen wilderness is stunning. Frozen lakes, snowy forest trails will stop you in your tracks as you pull the camera and try and capture it. The best part of these active days is the satisfaction you feel at the end of a full body workout in the crisp air feel.

Like a warm cabin! Stepping inside from the cold wind puts a smile on our face. Aaah – heat! Warm up the hands and feet. Feels good. Add a cracking wood fire and this sensation is even more. Winter helps us appreciate these simple pleasures.

Apres ski by the fireplace at the Algonquin Cottage Outpost
Apres ski by the fireplace at the Algonquin Cottage Outpost

The reward of an active day outside is the après ski. Sip on a deep ruby red glass of wine. Feast on braised meat stews that have cooked for hours.
Or home made soups that warm your inside after a morning on the trail. Active days wet the appetite for my favourite foods like beef bourgignon, hearty borscht to name a few. And the baked deserts…who can resist the sticky pudding with hot fudge sauce.

It’s not that us winter lovers like to be cold or the cold weather. It’s all about how winter makes us feel. Active, healthy , Alive ! Come soon and you will be one of the converted!