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Toronto Island Canoe and Picnic

Toronto Island Canoe Picnic

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Paddle in 20 person canoes BBQ meal overlooking Toronto skyline

Canoe Trip on Toronto Island

Get your office outside for an afternoon of laid back fun on the Toronto Islands. The afternoon begins with a short paddle in a 10 person Voyageur canoe over to the Toronto Islands. Walk to a scenic beach for a tasty picnic lunch. Stretch your legs and take a leisurely stroll down the boardwalk to a lakeside terrace for drinks.The Toronto Island canoe picnic is ideal for groups of 20 to 100+. Every event is customized and includes options to ferry over, walk the boardwalk or tour the islands. Add on a BBQ dinner or bonfire with music.

Reggae pace

Relax, unwind and take in the sights as you paddle the island Lagoons, walk the boardwalk and dip your toes at the beach.

Beach Fun

Toronto Island beaches are perfect for hot day in June. Bring your team for some fun in the sand, canoeing , picnic lunch and options for an afternoon of fun.

What's included

Guide canoe excursion with boardwalk hike

Tailor the Event To Fit

Every one of our Toronto Island Events is tailored to fit the group timelines, budget and demographic.

No Experience Necessary

It is recommended that you can be active at a walking pace for up to 1.5 hours at a time.

Add on drinks, lunch or dinner

Finish your event with drinks overlooking Lake Ontario. Or add on SUP, Musician and a BBQ dinner

All Equipment Included

Caanoes, paddles, life jackets. You bring all your personal items such as clothing, toiletries, optional bathing suit, towel.

Dates and Rates



May – October



Pricing & Options

"Summer's Here" Toronto Island Challenge
  • Day of paddling, cycling and exploring Toronto Island
  • Compete challenges in teams of 10
  • Add on meals, drinks, musicians or ferry tickets!
  • *Based on a group of 40+
Toronto Island Canoe Picnic
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  • Picnic or BBQ Lunch
  • Paddle 20 person Canoes as a team through Toronto Island Lagoons
  • Ideal for groups of 15+ people
Toronto Island Fresh Air Challenge
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  • Dynamic race throughout Toronto Island
  • Paddle, Cycle and Hike to complete challenges
  • Add on meals, optional activities, drinks or ferry tickets
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“Summer’s Here” Toronto Island Teambuilding Challenge


Toronto Island Team Building Fresh Air Challenge


Toronto Island Maple Martini and Bonfire Dinner


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