Assuming you are selecting an active Algonquin cabin based adventure, consider the location. In our opinion, adventure travellers seek Algonquin cabin based adventures that are lakeside, surrounded by nature. Again using, the Algonquin Log cabin as an example, the cabin is located on Surprise Lake, 8km from the western boundary of Algonquin. On a lake with just 10 cabins, you can paddle around kitchie Island and have the lake to yourself to explore by canoe. Surrounded by nature, our location is extremely quiet. Loons and owls hoot at night. Beavers slap their tails as you paddle by. Moose are seen regularly in the pond we walk by. Wolves howl in September and February. The Algonquin Log Cabin is located at the end of the road toward Algonquin Park boundary. From this location at Algonquin Park access # 1, you can’t drive into Algonquin. The only way further is by canoe or on foot. No electricity, off the grid from cell phones, tv and radio.