Algonquin Cabin, Lodge or Private island its your choice

In our mind, a guided Algonquin Park cabin adventure is best served up in a small group. 8 to 12 people is our ideal group size. Our two Algonquin adventure lodges operate with this size group in mind. Our Algonquin Log Cabin, has just six bedrooms. Yes just 12 people have access to the cabins massive fireplace seating, two decks, sauna, waterfront with canoe dock and sunset dock. Same thing with ourAlgonquin Cottage Outpost, again just six bedrooms! Again small and intimate with 3 docks, a floating sauna ( yes floating?) Our Algonquin island retreat, is offered as Private Island with cabin – just for two people. Many customers can’t believe this! Really a private island for just one couple? They ask us are there not other y cabins are on the same island and we explain that it is just one island with one cabin. They are overjoyed and amazing to know they can rent this place for themselves.

Again, compare and contrast. There are a few other outfits that claim to be an Algonquin adventure lodge operators yet also state they can house groups of up to 25 to 40 or more. How many guides are there to serve that many? 25 on a guided hike? 40 paddling together?


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Our Algonquin cabin based adventures have won multiple awards and are well known throughout Canada and around the world. Our Algonquin canoe and log cabin adventure is one of Canada’s signature experiences as selected by the Canadian Tourism Commission.

Our Algonquin log cabin winter adventure won the best Canadian winter package award in 1998 in the learning and culture category!

Having started and pioneered the notion of an Algonquin park guided cabin based adventure back to 1992, it i easy to understand why others would try and imitate our operation and guide recipe- even our product names. However, copy, imitate they may try but they there is a significant difference between imitators and those who are authentic, stay true to the course and have demonstrated a commitment to provide best in class Algonquin park cabin based adventure service for two decades.