My family and I have been living in Canada for almost a year now, but haven’t had a chance to explore. Now that my father and sister are visiting, we have the perfect opportunity. We’ve moved around a few times so my kids, aged 7, 9, and 10, are all definitely used to adventure. I wanted to take us somewhere exciting where we could all get a taste of the Canadian wilderness and learn something about our new country!

The Voyageur Quest log cabin retreat in Algonquin Park was everything I wanted in a weekend escape for my family and more. With no electricity and in a more remote part of the park, it’s totally off the grid, so we could have some quality family time away from other people. At the same time, the VQ staff prioritized our comfort. While the log cabin had an authentic rustic character, we still had access to two washrooms, a cozy living room, and a wide porch for relaxing at any time of day.

Our first day we arrived in time for a delicious lunch cooked by the stellar in-house chef. Afterwards one of the guides taught us how to paddle a canoe, with paddles in the perfect size for my kids! Soon we were paddling over to Kitchie Island for a small hike. My father and sister were still pretty jet lagged so they headed back for a swim and a nap. The rest of us were in the mood for an adventure so we opted to continue our paddle into Otter Bay, where our guide introduced us to the boreal forest, beaver ponds, and the Canadian Shield. It was so amazing to have someone so experienced and informed introduce us to this beautiful part of our new country. That evening we had a special Canadian dinner, and ended the day with a paddle under the stars in the big voyageur canoe.

The next day we began with a guided hike to a stunning view, and after lunch we took some time to relax. My husband and my father read on the porch, my sister and I went for a long swim, and the kids had a blast building mini canoes out of the bark fallen around the cabin. We paddled to a campfire site in time to watch the sunset as our guide made a delicious dinner over the fire.

Our final morning was an early one as we spent the sunrise paddling in search of moose and a yummy breakfast over a campfire. The kids are thrilled to tell their new friends at school about our moose spotting, and my sister has some stunning photographs to take back home to show people the beauty of Canada. After a BBQ lunch back at the cabin, we had some time in the relaxing sauna cabin and one last dip in the lake before we had to say goodbye. The log cabin really was the ultimate wilderness retreat, with a perfect combination of comfort and adventure, and an authentic experience of Canadian nature. My family will never forget it.